Friday, June 25, 2010

14th Philippine Academic Book Fair

aka, I Broke My Indefinite Hiatus from Blogging to Spread the Word about Something that Needs More Attention. So yeah. Here it goes.

First off, here's a link. I only learned about this through the UP Engineering Library II's email notification, which periodically sends updates about new books and materials, and the occasional gem about virtually unpublicized events, like this one. I googled a bit for more details about it - lists of participating publishers, for example - and came up with precious little. There's even a Department of Education advisory about it, which is why I'm wondering why it's not being publicized widely. (Then again, maybe that's the exact reason why. ~.~) It's in a couple of weeks (July 6-10), so maybe there will be more announcements just before it happens. I certainly hope so.

Anyway, feel free to blog or tweet or plurk or text about it, whether you're a student or just a curious blog-hopper. You might know someone who's looking for a certain textbook, or reference, or just loves browsing books. That someone will definitely appreciate hearing about this. :)