Monday, June 9, 2008


That's what I am now. An overstaying Computer Science senior with some leftover units that need to be completed. Not the least of which are the six units that comprise my one-year thesis; I have to make good and graduate soon. Though I love my university, I'm not the type to slack off and spend ten years finishing my degree. I've lived out my four years of tertiary education; I'll try to squeeze in as much fun as I can into this extra year, then bid my beloved university good-bye. One of the best things about UP is that it's openly accessible; there are no gates or clearly defined boundaries, only open roads and a lot of unrestrained flora. I'll always be able to drop by, maybe pretend to be a student with my then-old ID. Goodness, I'm already getting sentimental. XP

I might not have much time to blog in the coming months; I'll probably squeeze out a short paragraph or two like this one every so often. Wish me luck for my thesis year :)


helen said...

Luck!!! :)

Liquid said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I wish you much luck!

74WIXYgrad said...

I wish you luck also. I also thankyou for stopping and commenting on my blog.

It took my daughter longer than she wished to get her degree also. But she's out, has her teaching degree, and hopes to land a full time gig very soon.

Emir Rio Abueva said...

Keep us updated about UP Life ha!
Tell us if there are events we could dare to attend!

Aleta said...

Good Luck! I look back on my college years with great fondness. I loved taking classes, being able to schedule them and find a sense of freedom at the same time.

Paul Bernard said...

Good luck with the thesis!!

Anonymous said...

Go 198!
I missed UP after watching the "I-Witness" June 23 episode and "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo" June 29 episode and also after reading this post. :)

"I might not have much time to blog in the coming months..." > Blogging is still possible. Promise. Look at my previous blog. LOL