Saturday, August 16, 2008

No. 1 Fan

Right now I'm hung over this song by one of my friends from Java Boot Camp. He's got this wonderful, smooth voice, and he composes his own songs; he says he gets the tune in his head before the words. He used to sing in the middle of our programming exercises. Sometimes he'd whistle a tune and get us to guess what it was. He can whistle entire songs, right down to the little nuances in melody. Awesomeness. XD Well, as you can see I'm biased... I want to believe I'm his no. 1 fan, it's not like his songs are on the radio or anything (wouldn't it be cool if they were XP).

In case you didn't catch that link up there, here's another one. Oh yeah, this is still an incomplete version... He and his bandmates (yes, he has a band :D) are planning to revise it, since the version currently up doesn't have the beatbox accompaniment yet. And they're also planning to fix the lyrics... You might notice that the words are a bit...odd. ^^ Oh well. I have to wait a couple of weeks - until after his final exams at the end of August - before they can get back to working on the song. Until then I have his acoustic version to tide me over. :D


Emir Rio Abueva said...

Wow naman, aga ganda na ng site mo.. bagay na bagay sa blog name mo..

where did you get it... or is it yours?