Saturday, April 19, 2008

Java Boot Camp

My summer on-the-job training (OJT) at Orange and Bronze consists of lectures, programming exercises and two machine problems; the training program focuses on object-oriented software design, with Java as the target language. Training starts at 9am and ends at 6pm at the earliest, Mondays through Fridays. I've got my entire summer covered. ~.~ Although I didn't enrol this OJT as an elective - I'd already gotten all the electives I need this past semester - I still feel like I'm taking a summer class. We even have machine problems. Good grief. XP Wish me luck.

Yesterday I was wearing my programmer's dunce cap throughout the session. I came in forty minutes late (my bad ^^) and found I only had fifteen minutes to answer a 25-point quiz about the lectures the day before. I sat down, uncapped the ballpoint pen provided on my desk and started scribbling on the quiz paper. I was thinking, this is ok, I studied last night so I remember the concepts. I answered the questions fairly quickly, and felt pretty confident about all my answers; however, in the pit of my stomach I knew I had had that same feeling of confidence during mediocre exams/quizzes/exercises in the past. I guess I'll find out how well (ie, poorly) I did on Monday.

During the group exercises we were asked to draw UML and sequence diagrams. I know the regular UML diagrams; we used them just last semester. The sequence diagrams, on the other hand, blew my mind. I must have been particularly scatterbrained yesterday, 'cause sequence diagrams are supposed to be straightforward. They outline the sequence of events during a program's execution; each method call is represented by a corresponding arrow from the method's parent object to the object it interacts with. We did the exercises by group; I was grouped with the newly hired employees, who had to undergo training before they could start working with the other developers. Coincidentally all three of us are from UPD, whereas the others were from La Salle. By far, our group had the most hang-ups. One of my groupmates forgot to save her files and had to redo all her work, thus forcing us to wait for all the other groups to finish presenting their diagrams. My other groupmate and I spent too much time discussing our own diagrams, since we had to use the same classes; by the time I began working on my sequence diagram the other groups were already presenting theirs. To cap it all off, my sequence diagram was the worst; it was largely incomplete, since I didn't account for the entire sequence of executed actions. My presentation got the most sympathetic looks from the developers who had dropped in to watch us. ~.~ I singlehandedly brought shame upon my department (Computer Science, no less) and my university. Gah. T_T I guess I was lucky that the other trainees were already bored when it was my turn to present, and didn't pay any attention to me at all.

I hope I can redeem myself (and my department XP) in future exercises, especially during the machine problems. I've just emailed the assigned exercises; they worked just fine when I tested them. Let's hope they still work fine when they reach the facilitator's inbox. XP


J-Mo said...

Wow. Computers. I wouldn't have the stomach to survive that situation. Those are long hours for sure. When I came out of high school, I considered two internships- one was in construction, and the other was in a hospital. The step I took defined so much and might have meant the world.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Well, er... I'm completely clueless about computers, but I could empathise with your experience. Thanks for sharing your memories, do keep writing in.
By the way, I think it's amazing how you can do both science and poetry simultaneously.

Sj87 said...

Tina, dumadami na ang international fans mo ah! LOL
Keep it up!

Ok lang yan. You don't have to always carry the name of our department on your shoulders. Mabigat yun!

Do things for yourself, not for the department. Besides ikaw ang nag-o-OJT hindi ang UP DCS! Kaya wag mo sanang ipressure ang sarili mo nang masyado! Though, hindi naman maiiwasan ang ganyang feeling.

Kaya mo yan!
Bawi ka na lang!

Good Luck sa atin!

Rich said...

Haha, patok na talaga sa mga poreynjer ang blog mo. Hehe.
Asus, hindi nga nagpa-sequence diagram si Mam solamo nun.
Anyway, gudlak sa OJT na yan. For sure, mare-redeem mo ang ung kredibilidad. Kaw pa? [wink wink]

bRaT said...

My, you're lucky... if I had a chance like that, I'd take it in a snap.. But I know what you mean about the false confidence... :) Let's just say I've had too much experience with that..

I'm not really familiar with UML diagrams... but sequence diagrams sound to me like flowcharts... Program exec. flowcharts to be precise.. are they?

You can't win them all eh? Go with the flow :)

bRaT said...

yes.. i sound like a complete nerd in the previous post.. bah... i'm not... aaanyway.. i know about the emoticon... or i knew about two hours after i posted that comment :)

LJ said...

bawi na lang next time!

how can you have a beautiful ending without making beautiful mistakes said...

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