Thursday, May 1, 2008


The following is a collection of 10 random facts about me. If you've known me for a while, you might recognize some of the items below. :)

1) I guzzle water
My mouth goes dry every 20-30 minutes, so I always have a bottle of water with me wherever I go. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is head for the kitchen and pour myself a large glass of water. I can't function properly without a well-hydrated body (and brain), especially when I'm in front of a computer screen; there's something about writing programs that makes me awfully thirsty. I'm most uncomfortable when my mouth is dry. ^^;

2) When I was a child, I was afraid of the other children on my street
I wouldn't leave the house, even under threat of a spanking, if there were other children on the street. For some reason I couldn't stand to have them see me, hear me, or talk to me; I kept my head bowed and walked briskly whenever I absolutely had to pass by them. This is just weird, because I don't remember having this kind of problem with my classmates in preschool or during my first years of grade school. I guess I was just extremely shy.

3) In high school I grew my hair until it was long enough to reach my thighs
This was a phase that started with an idea I got from out of the blue: what would happen if I stopped getting a haircut? So I did. And my hair grew, and grew, and became such a whorl of tangles and split ends that my mother took it upon herself to brush, condition, and braid it every morning before school. By the time my hair spanned the length of my back my classmates would ask me to unbraid it and mess it up a little, because they said I looked like Sadako; this was to tease another classmate who had screamed her lungs out while watching the first Ring movie. I gave in once, and let my hair down; she didn't talk to me for the rest of the day.

4) I've been writing since I was a child
I was born with a head full of words. By the time I was seven I already had a sizable vocabulary, and I'd write letters to imaginary friends, transcripts of conversations, and a story or two. One time I wrote out a contract between my mother and me before we split up a chocolate bar; after we finished eating I decided that my share was smaller than hers, so I wrote a formal complaint letter (complete with a letterhead of my own design) and gave it to her. She still has that letter tucked away somewhere, along with copies of other things I've written over the years.

5) I learned how to speak English from TV
At least, that's what my mother told me. I could read and write fluently in English before I entered grade school, but my spoken English was something else: I had a faux American twang. When I was a kid I loved watching any kind of TV show that was in English. Most of these shows were from America, so maybe my mother was right. (If I had watched British shows, would I have gotten a British accent? :P) Over the years I've lost this fake accent; that might be a disadvantage if I ever decide to work in a call center. :P

6) I love stuffed toys and anime merchandise
I always stop by stores and stalls that sell stuffed toys in malls to ogle or pinch the toys. If it's an anime store, I might spend a few minutes squealing or jumping up and down whenever I see a plushie or poster of a character I like. This has been incredibly embarrassing to my friends, who start inching away from me whenever I chance upon a store with the aforementioned products. ^^;

7) I'm allergic to dust and bug bites
I get breakouts of angry red wheals when I'm exposed to dust, or ticks from stray animals. I always have a tube of steroidal cream with me to keep the inflammations from getting worse; sometimes the cream helps, sometimes I'm just unlucky :) Skin allergies run in my family; my brothers also have boxes of creams on their bedroom shelves, and leftover prescriptions from dermatologists. As you've probably guessed, my brothers and I hate cleaning the house, especially when there's a lot of dust involved.

8) Nothing short of a nuclear holocaust (or a machine problem deadline) can rob me of a good night's sleep
I sleep very, very well. I'm the sort of person who can sleep through an earthquake and wake up completely unaware of what went on. Once I've lost consciousness there's no convincing my body to wake up until it's finished resting. If I deprive my body of its daily dose of unconsciousness, it will get back at me by knocking me out for twelve hours or more the next time I fall asleep. It takes a lot of willpower for me to wake up early, and even more than that to stay up late when my eyelids are already drooping; this kind of urgency usually comes from machine problems. Thus machine problems and their ilk are the bane of my existence.

9) I over-analyze
I am the queen of obsessing over details. Do not get into a discussion with me about what kind of house Bilbo Baggins lived in, or how good the movie adaptation of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is; we'll probably spend the rest of the day arguing over minutiae. (As an aside, I prefer a book to its movie adaptation; I tend to assume automatically that the latter is inferior. So I'm not a good person to have around when watching a movie of this type, except for The Lord of the Rings trilogy ^^;) This also applies to conversations: I know it's wrong, but I can't help mulling over why someone says what he says. I can spend hours thinking through every possible reason and motivation, especially anything I might have said or done that could have merited that kind of response. I'm currently trying to curb this bad habit of mine :)

10) I can't live in a house without an English dictionary
My dictionary is my best friend; no book in my room, or my house, has been thumbed over or brought out almost every day by my eager fingers. I would freak out if I had to live someplace without a dictionary, or at least Internet access so I can visit An electronic dictionary would be a dream come true... *.*


noelia ~ said...

i've never had my hair THAT long lol just down to my ribs and such, it hurts to de-tangle it!

as for the dictionary part, i'm allllllll for electronic dictionaries. my laptop has a built in dictionary (or whatever it's called) and i'm always checking out words just for the fun of it lol like, the difference between: vengeance, revenge and payback. and also: sofa and couch. so many words! hahaha

Emir Rio Abueva said...

Waaahhh.. alaws ka bang pic nung supah long hair days mo!
Pakita naman!

Pareho tayo, madalas din akong matuyuan eh. Kaya kailangan ko ng tubig. Pero minsan, kahit na sobrang nanunuyo na ako, at tinatamad ako, hindi ako iinom ng tubig hanngang sumakit na ang mga mata ko! LOL :D

Naku, buti ka pa, mahimbing matulog. Ako, natural na maagang magising eh, kaya kahit matulog ako ng sobrang late, gigising pa rin ako ng maaga! Ayun, kaya madalas na hilong talilong! LOL :b

Sucharita Sarkar said...


good to know all about you. I just love lists, though I keep adding-deleting so it doesn't work for me.

Even I loved to write from a young age, though most of the earlier stuff are cringe-making, and maybe what I write now will embarrass (spellcheck required) me in the future.

Thanks also for your memories about milk. Hope you are 'stomach'ing the java boot camp well. All the best.

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing :)
Great blog...I will be back...
I also over analyze things....I just like to pick things apart, to see the inner workings....
I had "big hair" once too and I still use my dictionary :)

yann said...

nice tina! ang galing mong magsulat, hehe. Nice to know random things about you...

bRaT said...

damnit i keep losing my bookmarks!! sorry.. see? this is what happens when you combine a limited knowledge of all things javascript and an unstable beta web browser... no.. i'm just idiotic..

Awesome list... some strange stuff, but some stuff I can relate to as well.. especially the writing bit.. I've loved writing for ever, and I used to have loads of penpals.. like the real ones that live in America and Paraguay and all sorts of places that my seven year old brain could only imagine... ah, i miss the days... But i've burnt all my stories.. I started a novel once.. wrote a whole chapter, but then I made the mistake of reading it.. and burning it :)

Simply Curious said...

I'm not quite sure how you found me but thanks for stopping in!

I can wholeheartedly relate to writing since childhood. I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I've kept journals and written letters; as well as even scribbling on paper towels. I've carried a little notebook around with me since I was a preteen and still do.

I'll be going through your archives when I have a little more time on my hands. Again, thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you again soon!

tina said...

@noelia i love jumping from one word to its synonyms/antonyms. i crack open the dictionary to look for a word, then all of a sudden i'm flipping pages, looking up all kinds of related words. sometimes i see a word i don't know and start jumping from there, and totally forget about the word i was gonna look up :D a built-in dictionary, wow. i'd love one of those... :)

@emir hehe, sana pala nagpapicture ako nung mahaba pa buhok ko :D

baka kaya lumalabo mata mo :P hehe.

tsk tsk, mahirap din pala ang may natural alarm clock... :D hindi mo ba kayang hindi bumangon? yung tipong nakahiga ka lang, kahit gising ka na... :D

@sucharita i do cringe whenever i read what i wrote years ago. i just can't remember what i was thinking when i wrote those's like reading someone else's diary, some of the thoughts feel alien. :)

about the java boot camp, we've got about a couple of weeks more to go... i just want to pass at this rate ~.~

@brat i used to have a penpal too :D only, she's a relative of my aunt's best friend, and she's also from the philippines, only she's from iloilo, that's way down south... i used to write her about just about anything i could think of. we don't write one another anymore, i kinda miss that...

i know i hated the earliest things i wrote, but i never went so far as to burn them :)

LJ said...

le nombre trois:
we want a picture as a proof! :))

le nombre quatre et cinq:
yeah, we know already those facts but we didn't know the story behind :D

le nombre neuf:
hahaha, you cant deny that! :))

tina said...

@lj walang picture na kita yung buhok e :)) nasakin pa yung buhok ko na yun nung pinutol, sabi ni mama wag ko itapon. gusto mo yun na lang ang kunan ko ng picture, hehe :P

rdgoite said...


honoes that's scary. :p