Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blog Noob


I've always kept most of my thoughts to myself. Most of the time I just write them down in a journal, and of course I don't let anyone read what I've written. So why am I here, on the second floor of a computer shop, minutes away from closing time?

Just for a change of pace, maybe. :) Apart from the pestering of a handful (well, less than a handful) of friends, I decided to give this whole blogging thing a try. I use my journal as a dumping ground for story ideas and character sketches; sometimes, when I decide that my life isn't that boring, I try to write about what happened to me during the day. It's good practice for an aspiring writer, but after years of just keeping the contents of my journal to myself, I figured I need to get some input. Hence the title of this blog, Half Truths and Fictions. Future posts will probably be about things, people, and places I've seen - anything I can write about that, after some tweaking, might catch somebody's interest (and hopefully get him/her to comment on my writing :) ).

Well, here goes.


LJ said...

Ok fine, you're a writer nga.


Sj87 said...

Wahahaha, pestering pala ha!
Parang tinamaan yata ako dun!

Hei! I really liked your blog title. Cute! Pwede na s'yang title ng first novel mo! What do you think?


Check out It is where I found my blog template!

I can't wait for your future posts! So post all you can!


Happy Blogging!

komski kuno said...

simula na yan:) long way ito para sa iyo. goodluck!

sayang, ngayon ka lang nagsimula, hehe. e mas writer ka pa nga kaysa sa amin ano.

Rich said...

Tina, bakit tiningnan mo na naman ang blog ko. BAWAL! [ngi, anu daw?!] Ehehe, nahiya ako >_<

Writer na writer ang dating ng blog mo. Nakakatuwa. Makausap lang kita (na nangyayari lang alos once a week or two) naloloka na ko, lalo na siguro ngayon na poster (para maiba naman)ka na rin. Ehehe!

Tuloy lang sa pagblog, pihado akong marami ka pang makukulay na istoryang ibabahagi sa lahat. :D

Go! Go! Go!