Saturday, March 22, 2008


What does one do when one is plagued by regrets, self-doubt, disappointment and rejection?

Make a careful incision in one's heart and slowly let the painful memories seep out, like poison from a snake bite.

The past is gone forever, graven in stone, immovable. One cannot live in continuous sorrow over mistakes come and gone; one still has the rest of one's life to live, with future joys and trials yet to face. One is given the challenge of picking oneself up and shaking off the dust from one's shoes; one cannot throw away the promise of happiness that lies ahead.

One is blessed to find that one is not alone while one bleeds. One is blessed to be surrounded by those who love while one's wounds gradually heal; the scars left are badges of victory and courage.


Sj87 said...

Emo ka tina!
Yuck! Yuck!
Promise! Perfect yung title ng post na ito!
Keep it up!

Publish natin 'tong blog mo.
Gawa tayong book na may same title.
Bebenta 'to! (talagang kasama ako, eh no?)

Rich said...

Hay, nitatamaan ako kahit paano.

Basta, tama yan tina, sa tuwing masasaktan ka, alalahanin mo ang mga kakampi mo.


helen said...

ang galing!!! i agree with sj87! this blog is publishable! hehehe!

p.s. could i link you? :D